How to Sing High Notes without Affecting Your Voice

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Singing high notes is not something that everyone can do, but anyone who is looking to make it as a singer in the music industry will need to possess this skill. Being able to sing high notes will help you become a more flexible, dynamic, and unique singer. What’s even better is that just about anyone can improve their singing voice, and in many cases they can do so in dramatic fashion. If you want to learn how to sing high notes with damaging your voice or hurting your throat in the process, then continue reading this article. To really become a better singer you'll need to get some voice lessons online. This article will help you, but you'll get better results by using something that has structured lessons. Just check out these reviews of superior singing method - an online vocal program.

Warming Up

Before you start screaming your lungs out trying to reach those high notes in one of your favourite songs, you should first give your voice a little warm up. You can try humming to the tune of one of your favourite songs or singing something simple such as” Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” Another great exercise for warming up your vocal range is to hum your lowest note, then moving to your highest and gradually back down again like a siren. Do this warm up a few times and you should be able to notice a significant difference. Be sure to warm up your middle voice before proceeding to the low and high extremes.

Using Your Body Correctly

Ask any voice coach about what the key is to singing a high note, and 9 times out of 10 they will tell you that it will all come down to properly using your body. It sounds pretty simple on paper, but here’s the thing though: there is a right and wrong way to sing. High notes should come easy as long as you are using your body the right way. Not singing properly will make reaching high notes nearly impossible.

When breathing while singing, remember to do it with your diaphragm. This means your stomach should rise first and your chest follows afterwards. Remember to stand up straight and to try singing some “ha, ha” notes so you can feel the puffs of air that are coming from your belly’s lower parts. This is what is known as your voice’s “support.”

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is to use your stomach to reach those high notes and not your throat. Going with your throat will cause your vocal cords to become strained, which can hurt a lot. Push your tummy out when singing high notes so that it will stick out more like a balloon. You are probably thinking that doing this will only make you look silly, but this actually helps allow your lungs to take more air in.

Learn to Let Go

Many singers will try to push their voices as much as they can once they try to reach the upper range. While this may help them reach higher notes, their voice quality will be compromised and they will wear it out rather quickly as well. The key to singing those high notes properly while shortening your cords as you go higher is to ‘let go.” One effective technique that you can use is think about letting go as you attempt to go for those higher notes. Never underestimate the power of your brain as it has the ability to follow this instruction.  

Always remember to take some breaks in between while you are practicing this singing technique. Don’t push yourself too much because you would not want to compromise your vocal cords in the process. It is not going to be a walk in the park, but with enough dedication and plenty of practice, you should be able to hit those high notes in no time.